Why Dentures Is Considered A New Smile

It is right to say that dentures are a new smile especially to those who have suffered from tooth decay, stained teeth, crooked and misaligned teeth, and missing teeth. The advantage of having dentures is limitless as it provides more than just aesthetics and a good look. Dentures restore our speech and chewing ability. But there are several other reasons why dentures should be worn especially for those who have several missing teeth. First, it provides support to our cheek, lips, and mainly the facial muscle tissues. When a person has missing front teeth, the lips usually cave in and you will notice it to have wrinkled.

This problem happens when there are no teeth to support this soft tissue. Those who do not wear dentures for their missing front teeth are likely to look older than they are. That is why dentures are considered as a new smile to its wearers because it improves their look or restore their natural appearance. Nevertheless, dentures do not only restore physical appearance but it also maintains overall health. Since dentures help its wearer bring back his efficiency in chewing foods, the person will be able to maintain his diet. However, first time denture wearers are recommended to eat soft foods at first to minimize discomfort. Over time, the wearer will be able to adjust to the prosthetic appliance and will be able to wear it without being too conscious about it.

dnetures a new smile

Dentures A New Smile

Yet, dentures a new smile can be too problematic for those who have gum and jawbone problems. Since the regular dentures are made of hard resin material, the discomfort is too emphasized for them. Hence, dentists make it a point to treat the gum and bone disease prior to recommending dentures to the patient. For dental patients who opt for dental implants but have a weak jawbone structure, they will still have to undergo bone restoration or restructuring. The cost of this should also be noted as a medical professional with specialization in bone surgery will be needed aside from the dental professional team.

The oral prosthetics that are also known as dentures a new smile are a different breed. These new and advance dentures are not only natural looking, but these are also crafted to comfortably fit into the patient’s gums. With the advancement in dental technology, the options for dentures are varied as new materials are now being used. Currently, flexi material is much preferred due to its durability and the comfort it brings to its wearer.

How Dentures Bring A New Smile To Its Wearer

There so much a denture can provide to those who have missing teeth that is why it also called as dentures a new smile especially for those who have been suffering from severe teeth loss and crookedness. But the denture is not only regarded for the aesthetic value it provides to the wearer. Dentures bring back the person’s chewing ability to about 20% to 30% of its efficiency. It may not really restore the way you used to chew or speak but it improves your ability to do so; compared to wearing no dentures at all.
Dentures come in different types and forms. Typically, dentures are made of resin material, metal, and porcelain. Those types that are on the premium class are also made of a so-called flexi material that does not easily break. The advantage of this material is that it does not cause discomfort to the wearer due to its ability to flex. Unlike the resin material used for the gum area of the denture, the flexi denture does not scrape the gums or put too much pressure on it. The flexi type teeth replacements are also called “dentures a new smile” for those who are looking for a comfortable wear.

These prosthetic solutions to various oral problems have improved over the years. People who used to shy away from the obvious look of dentures when worn can now feel better that most dentures today are manufactured look like the natural teeth. People who also want to restore their chewing and speech ability will find dental implants as the best choice to closely regain the efficiency of natural teeth. But the price of dental implants may set you back due to the process involved. In dental implant treatment, the patient has to go through dental surgery as the titanium post of the implant has to be embedded into the jawbone in order to osseointegrate.

Truly, dentures provide a new smile to its wearer because it brings back confidence and self-esteem. Dentures used to be too obvious to look at, but the dentures of today are not even noticeable. With the new and advanced oral prosthetics, patients with oral problems are able to interact with other people without being too conscious about it. Although dentures take time to get used to, those dentures with flexi material reduce this issue as it minimizes discomfort of new denture wearers. Dentures are truly a new smile and a good investment for those who want to retain their physical look and their ability to eat and speak properly.

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