Fast And Convenient Denture Repair Options

Denture wearers usually have trouble getting immediate repair services when their dentures break. More often than not, people with dentures would not find it necessary to purchase denture repair kits as they don’t think that their dentures will break easily. Although regular dentures typically last about 7 to 10 years depending on how well you take care of your oral prosthetics. But it is always inevitable that dentures would sometimes break or get fractured even if it has not been accidentally dropped.

Normally, our bone and gum structures change as we grow older. Most of the time, women will find it uncomfortable to wear their denture all of a sudden. This is sometimes attributed to menopausal, which can bring a lot of changes in their bodies. Hormonal changes can also cause dry mouth, deterioration of the bones, and gum tissues. Thus, it is most likely that the denture could also become ill-fitting and would eventually get fractured due to improper bite force.

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Denture Reepair Kit

Yet in minor cases of denture fracture such as a small chip, there are denture kits available over the counter that can easily fix these issues. However, emergency Do-It-Yourself kits are only to be used for small fractures or minor damage. It can mend tiny cracks on dentures but it will never be a good option for severe damage. Some denture repair kits also have artificial teeth replacements; but these are considered as temporary replacements. It is still recommended to immediately see your denturist and have it fixed by a qualified and skilled dental technician.

For stains, denture cleaning solutions are able to erase slight discoloration and minor stains on the artificial gum and teeth. However, stains on metals may not be removable as it could have been caused by food chemicals and acids. To have hard to remove stains cleaned, have your dentist take a look at the problem. Never use metal polish or other liquid cleaners to avoid ingesting any chemical that could be harmful to the body. Only your dentist and their dental technicians have the best tools and denture cleaning solutions that can fix those issues.

Nevertheless, denture repair kits come very handy for those who are always travelling or those who are assigned in job locations that are far from dental clinics. Denture repair kits and cleaning solutions should be included in your baggage to get an immediate solution to your denture problems when emergency strikes.

What Kind Of Damage Can A Denture Repair Kit Fix

Not all damage can be fixed by a denture repair kit. There are different types of denture repair kits that are available in the market but most of these kits are considered as temporary solutions for emergency repair situations. The usual damage that can be repaired using these kits are minor denture stains, hairline fractures, tiny chips and cracks, and missing artificial teeth. However, dental technicians and dentists recommend that patients should immediately have their denture fixed by a qualified professional.

Denture repair can be easily done by a skilled dental technician within a couple of hours depending on the extent of the fracture. The advantage of having it repaired in dental laboratories is that the right materials are used in strengthening the denture. Moreover, when dentures are repaired by experts, the denture wearer is also safe from sharp edges, tiny denture material particles, and improper application of denture adhesive.

As much as possible when the denture breaks, keep the fractured pieces and have it put back together by the dental technician. If the denture is too old and have gone through a lot of fractures in the past, most likely you will be advised to have a new denture crafted. A new impression of your mouth will be taken as there are times when the damage on the denture could be caused by an improper fit. Denture repair may not be advisable for serious damage and fractures as the fit may no longer be comfortable.

When denture breaks, never attempt to fix it yourself using super glue. For stains, there are stain remover solutions which can be used for minor stain on the artificial teeth. Tobacco stains may be hard to remove that is why it is advised that denture wearers should not smoke if they want to prolong the usable life of their denture. Never attempt to use solvent and other stain remover chemicals that are not specifically made for dentures. Avoid fixing the damage yourself as you may just cause more problems to your denture along the way.

Be sure to keep your dentures clean and properly taken care of to prolong its life. Also visit your dentist at least twice a year to ensure that your denture will still have a comfortable fit in your mouth. Your dentist will also be able to check if the rest of your natural teeth are not affected by the presence of the denture especially by those with metal brackets.

Denture Repair Video

This video goes over some of the options available for severe denture fractures and splitting.