Cleaning your false teeth daily is one of the essential tasks you can do to keep your oral health in good shape. Remember that plaque can still form on dentures which make it easy for stains to form even on your false teeth. Aside from staining, you could be looking at a smelly set of dentures if you do not care and maintain it just like what you should be doing to your natural teeth. Dentists may require their patients to wear the dentures the whole day for the first few weeks after putting it in place. This is to check for anything on it that needs adjustments. However, you should still be brushing and flossing your dentures as food debris can still get stuck between the false teeth.

Here are some few maintenance and care tips for your dentures:

1) Fill the sink or plastic wash basin with water then clean your dentures over it. This is to avoid damaging or breaking your dentures in case it will accidentally slip from your hands while cleaning it.

2) Rinse it thoroughly with warm or cool water on every side to remove food debris. Never use hot water as it may soften the plastic material or even warp the metal structures. Do not use pointed non-dental tools to remove food particles between the teeth. You may still use dental floss just like you do with your natural teeth.
3) Use a soft bristled toothbrush and use denture cleanser. Stiff bristled toothbrushes may damage the surfaces of the denture. When brushing, make sure you are not exerting too much effort on it. Do not brush it rigorously but just enough to remove food particles and even plaque accumulating on its surfaces.

4) When you are off to bed to sleep, remove your dentures and soak it overnight in a glass of denture cleanser.
These are just a few basic steps you can do daily to take care of your dentures. Your dentist may recommend other cleansing products that can help you effectively remove plaque and stains but always ask your dentist prior to using over the counter dental products. Of course you should still never forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day and include the tongue, cheek, and gums especially the spot where the dentures are placed. Brushing your gums will stimulate circulation before reinserting the dentures in place. Finish the process with a good swirl of mouthwash to rinse bacteria and give a fresh breath.

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