Are There Any Affordable Dental Implants Procedures

Dental implants are preferred by most patients because of its durability and mainly because it closely mimics the functionality of a natural tooth. But people have always been looking for affordable dental implant treatment since the procedure generally costs $1000 to 5000 per tooth depending on the type of base material used for the implant. Usually the base material that is screwed onto the jawbone is titanium. Titanium dental implant is expensive and so it is expected to cost around the higher end of the price range.

Dental Implants

Affordable Dental Implants

Subperiosteal and endosteal are the affordable dental implants that patients opt for if they do not have natural teeth left for their dentures. However, not all patients will be candidates for dental implants as it will only be recommended for people who have a healthy jawbone. The structural base of the dental implant will have to be accepted and supported by the bone tissue. The bone tissue will also have to heal onto the dental implant which is known as the process of osseointegration. This healing process will take three to six months to complete.

Once the osseointegration process is complete; the dental crown, bridges, and dentures will then be anchored into the implant’s structural base. If the osseointegration is incomplete or if it does not occur at all, the dental implant will have to be aborted. The structural base will not be able to support the denture if the jawbone will not grow and heal onto the titanium, subperiosteal, or the endosteal structure.

There are several dental clinics offering affordable dental implants; but be sure to know what type of material will be drilled into the jawbone site. Sometimes, the body will reject the material being used for the dental implant procedure. Titanium is still the best implant material that is well accepted by the bone tissue. The metal is also a durable structure that provides stability and longer serviceable life.

As observed in a lot of dental implants using titanium base, the bone immediately grows onto the titanium material. This material creates a new and stable tooth root faster than the other alternatives. That is why the healing process with titanium implants is quicker compared to the endosteal. Before you proceed with a dental implant procedure, make sure that the affordable dental implants offered by the clinic are made of materials accepted by the FDA. To be on the safe side, choose titanium dental implants that are already proven safe and well-accepted by the body.

A Guide To Affordable Dentures And Dental Implants

Dentures are removable artificial set of teeth that are attached onto the gums or adjacent natural teeth in order to restore the chewing ability of an individual who have lost a tooth or set of teeth. Dental implants, on the other hand, are those that are drilled and embedded onto the jawbone. Denture implants cost depends on the number of teeth lost or the procedure that needs to be done to prepare the jawbone for the titanium base. Determining the proper type of dentures to use in order to restore a person’s normal speech pattern and chewing ability is important as not all people have the same bone and gum condition.

Those who have problems with their jawbones may not be a good candidate for dental implants as the bone may not be able to handle the titanium implant. A porous jawbone will only lead to more problems as it can never be a good base for the implant. There are still ways to improve the condition of the jawbone if the individual still wishes to get dental implants but jawbone strengthening and restructuring will still depend on the bone’s ability to heal. In this case, the denture implants cost more than the regular dental implant process as a team of dentists and medical professionals is needed to transplant or restructure the jawbones.

Orthodontists are usually involved in this type of surgical dental treatment. The procedure involved in the installation of dental implants to a patient with a weak jawbone may take several months to even a year to complete. First, the grafting material has to be sourced out from a different section of the body. Then the bone has to heal in order to provide a stable base when the titanium screw will be drilled into the jawbone. The whole process of a denture implant for an individual with weak jawbone structure is complicated and takes too long to complete. Most of the times, the patient will also have to endure several tests and evaluations before the whole dental implant treatment can be started. This is to ensure that no complications will result during the treatment.

For those who prefer to have dental implants, you should expect to cough up $1200 to $3000 per tooth. The denture implants cost will be doubled if you have problems with your jawbones and if jawbone restructuring is required. A full set or mouth of denture implants can even cost as much as $100,000. This is way too expensive compared to a full or partial denture which may only cost around $300 to $8000 for a whole treatment.