Dental implant technology is evolving quickly and is rapidly becoming the preferred method of care amongst both patients and dentists alike. As with all new technologies there is still some price gap between it and more dated solutions.
It is difficult to put an exact price on the price of dental implants due to the variety of implants on the market, the types of procedures used and the quality of the oral surgeon performing the procedure. We can give some rough estimates however.
In general an implant can cost between $500 and $4000 depending on the size of the implant and quality of materials used. As implants are designed to be both long lasting and durable it is usually a good idea to buy as high a quality of implant as your budget will allow.

dental implants

Dental Implants

If you are having trouble with the dental implant costs you are facing there are some quality options that are available. Unlike other insurance dental insurance can be purchased without worry about having a pre-existing condition. If this dental insurance is offered by your employer it often can cover a very large percentage of the cost of this procedure. If you purchase this insurance on your own the coverage percentages are generally lower but the price is almost always quite reasonable.
Dental finance companies are also an excellent alternative but some research is required to protect yourself from predatory companies. Dental finance companies offer loans at reasonable rates for those who have no other options.

Low Cost Dental Implants

Facing steep medical or dental bills many perspective implant clients try to reduce the price by choosing low cost dental implants. As these implants are designed to last in the long run this is a self-defeating proposition. However there are high quality affordable dental implants on the market and you should consult with your dental professional to see which one fits your needs and budget.

Price of a Dental Bridge

It is not uncommon to look to a dental bridge instead of an implant when price is a concern. Bridges are a viable option and generally are significantly less expensive. However planning ahead is required as bridges do not last as long and are not nearly as durable. In the end it may be less expensive to get one quality dental implant as opposed to constantly replacing a bridge.

Cost of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are used when a patient is only replacing a single tooth. The cost of a mini dental implant is much less than a standard implant. Mini dental implants are an effective option instead of messing with crowns or single tooth replacement.

Dental Tourism

Cost of Dental Implants in Mexico and Costa Rica

Due to the price of some of the more advanced dental implants people will often look for more affordable options overseas. This is very common in most types of dentistry. Mexico and Costa Rica are both hotspots for dental tourism due to their pleasant weather and proximity to the United States.

Unlike most other forms of dentistry dental implants require somewhat complicated surgery. Having such surgery under less than ideal conditions can be risky and is not something to be consider lightly. If you do decide to take that risk the saving on the dental implant cost can sometimes pay for the entire family vacation.