For dental patients who have problems that need to be immediately rectified, snap on dentures are a good option. As always when considering a procedure like this it is best to consult a Specialist. Patients who are having trouble with their crooked, misaligned, stained, chipped or fractured front teeth, the snap on dental device can be their instant savior. People who have tried the snap on dental appliance have found their confidence booster by simply placing this onto the upper or lower front teeth. However, the snap on denture is not to be considered as a permanent solution to the dental problems mentioned.

Snap on denture or instant smile is a temporary solution for those who are looking for the quickest way to cover teeth imperfections. This type of denture is temporary because it does not completely resolve the dental issue. What an instant smile does is it rectifies the cosmetic issue but not much on your chewing ability. Nevertheless, the snap on partials can easily clasp onto your teeth without pain. This is the most convenient dental appliance that you can wear without spending so much time on the dentist’s chair. Anyone who would love to have her favorite actor’s smile can also take advantage of this easy to wear and removable denture.

Snap On Partials

The advantage of using snap on partial dentures is that it is reversible and convenient to use. It is an alternative for those who also want to wear something unnoticeable. The snap on partial denture does not make use of wires or metal clasps. That is why you can imitate the smile of your favorite Hollywood start without being noticed.

Snap Fit Dentures

A snap fit denture is the easiest way you can change your smile without forever regretting its appearance. It is a reversible alternative for those who want to be creative about their looks. The great thing about these snap on smiles is that it can be crafted according to your preference. Most of all, these dentures can be made to have a personalized fit so that you will not have to worry about getting embarrassed in front of people if it pops out of your mouth.

Implantation Video

Here is a great video on the comparison between implants and dentures.

Symptoms From New Dentures

Most people may want to immediately get a denture right after having their tooth extracted to avoid embarrassment. This is especially true when the missing tooth is located at the front. However, the problem with getting immediate dentures is that most of the times the gums where the missing tooth is will shrink. This is also due to the jawbone shrinkage since there is no tooth embedded within it. When gums shrink, it is expected to experience a loose or ill-fitting denture. Although immediate dentures hide a missing tooth, a temporary denture like the snap on smile can be used to cover the imperfection. Once the gum has healed, then a partial or complete denture can be crafted.