Most people who have dentures to replace missing teeth have initially felt discomfort due to the plastic material used to fit around the gums. There is no cushion applied to it that is why most will encounter sore gums and discomfort until they get used to having the dentures in their mouth. But now that permanent soft liner dentures are available, no one has to go through the pain and discomfort anymore. Soft liners are made of soft materials that are fitted on the surface of the false teeth where it meets the oral tissues. So it is more of a cushion barrier between the gums and the hard plastic structure.

This can be added on existing set of dentures or to fabricate new ones. Using these soft liner dentures still does not exempt you from visiting the dentist though since it will still require regular visits with the dentist to check its fit, the oral tissues’ condition, and for professional cleaning. Nevertheless, your dentist will still teach you how to apply proper care for your dentures at home. But how do you know if soft liner dentures suit you?
If you already have damaged gums and severely receded, flat, or shrunk gum tissues that may get worsen with the use of hard plastic false teeth then the soft liner will be your best option. For those individuals with bony or prominently sharp gum sections, the soft liner should also take care of the discomfort you will feel when wearing traditional hard plastic false teeth. Most of the older people are likely candidates for soft liners due to their special needs and because their bones may shrink and get soft as they age.

People who wear soft liners can chew food properly and more comfortably without the tinge of pain in every bite. Soft liner dentures were already introduced over 20 years ago but the recent advancement in dental technology and availability of newer materials had made it more durable and safe to use. The improvements in the manufacture of soft liners have definitely increased the comfort it brings to dental patients especially to those with special needs. So definitely soft liner denture is already a proven and trusted technology. Dentures can be securely put in place and removed easily even with this material. It also just easily snaps back into position without any discomfort or worries of dentures lifting up as you eat. Anyone who is looking for a more comfortable and effective alternative, ask your dentist about soft liner dentures.

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