A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is embedded into the jawbone. This is considered as the most suitable tooth replacement as it restores the individual’s chewing and speech ability. However, the teeth implant cost may also discourage other patients to choose this alternative. There are also dental patients who may not be suitable for this type of dental treatment. Nevertheless, the suitable candidate for a dental implant can expect to have their bite force restored to almost as close as the functionality of their natural teeth. Replacing a missing tooth that has been lost due to decay and fracture is best treated with a tooth implant. Although the process of this oral treatment may take months to complete, patients are sure to get the best solution to their dental woes.

The teeth implant cost may vary according to where the dental clinic is situated. But it is important for dental patients to check with their health insurance company if this procedure is included in their policy. Most dental insurance policies may not cover this type of procedure as it entails a hefty sum. Aside from professional fees; due to the cost of materials involved in this type of procedure, most health care policies may not include this. Those who are also willing to undergo dental implant must consult their dentist as to whether the procedure is the most appropriate treatment for their dental problems.

Dental Implants Before And After

Patients will have to expect that before a teeth implant procedure can be done, there will be series of tests and evaluations to go through. It is important for the dentist to check the current state of the patient’s jawbone and remaining natural teeth before recommending dental implant. The entire process will usually take 4 to 6 months or even a year for some patients who will have to undergo jawbone restructuring.

Tooth Implant Procedure

Before a tooth implant can be embedded into the bones, there are a series of steps to undergo. The dentist will have to do an X-ray of the area where the implant will be embedded. The condition of the jawbone is one of the most essential factor to be considered before an implant can be done.

Tooth Implant Problems

When the jawbone structure of the patient is too weak, in most cases, the teeth implant will fail. The bone’s condition is the most crucial factor that dictates the success of a dental implant treatment. Dentists will not recommend a dental implant to a person who is already too old as their bones are already deteriorating. Some patients who also have severe gum disease or periodontitis may not be advised to go through the procedure unless the gum disease has fully been treated. The problem when a dental implant is continued even with gum disease is that the surgical wound may not heal naturally and may cause infection. Some implants also fail because the bone was not able to osteointegrate with the titanium base structure of the implant.

Dental Bridge Cost

When a dental implant treatment is not suitable for a patient or if the procedure fails, a good alternative to help patients restore their chewing and speech ability is a dental bridge. Dental bridge is an anchored false teeth to replace missing teeth. The bridge is attached onto neighboring natural teeth to provide a stable foundation. The teeth on the dental bridge are also known as pontics which can be made of porcelain, resin, gold, and other metal alloys. A dental bridge also helps correct bite issues and prevents the movement of the natural teeth.

Same Day Tooth Implantation Video

Interesting video of a same day tooth implantation. I notice how quickly this dentist works.