There is nothing new about dental implants, only that there are people who want something more stylized and personal. Although some of the more extreme models would never be recommended by the American Dental Association there are becoming increasingly popular among individualists who wish to express a sense of style. With the rise of the goth subculture in popular movies, books and cartoons it is no surprise vampire teeth have become a popular choice.

Although fake inserts and overlays are available there are some individuals who prefer to have it permanently embedded into their jawbones. In the case of removable implants these add the convenience of being removable when the situation dictates a more conventional look. The individuals who opt for the more permanent solution are generally people who are into other forms of body modification. Although some may consider this off putting of unconventional really as they always say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Vampire Caps

vampire teeth Implants

Vampire teeth Implants

Having fangs is a real advantage during the Halloween season, but there are people who want to wear them daily, not just for the aesthetic but as part of their own persona. Although dental implants would be the best option for those who really want to live and look like a vampire, caps are the way to go for those who want a reversible alternative. These caps can easily pop into place and can also be conveniently removed without the use of special tools. There are even options as to the type of material used and the color of the fangs.

Permanent Surgery

The procedure involved in getting vampire teeth implants is the same as regular implants. The only difference being that individuals who undergo this type of procedure should be well assessed especially in the psychological aspect. Although these implants can still be removed, the removal process will probably involve an expensive trip to the dentist. The titanium base used is the same so finding more conventional replacements for the removed teeth will not be a problem. However, patients with implanted fangs should experience some disruption in their normal functionality of their speech and chewing due to the unnatural shape of their canine teeth.

Video On How To Make Fangs

This is an excllent video on how to make vampire teeth cheaply.

Implants Cost

The removable type of fangs cost around $100 for a high quality pair. Custom acrylic fangs cost more and will involve a lengthy process of getting a mold to get the right shape and fit for the cosmetic dental appliance. Those who want the best natural looking implants may be looking at spending in excess of $1000. You can ask your insurance provider about the coverage of your dental health policy. The great news however is that if at anytime you regret the implants and wish to revert to a more conventional look they can be replaced rather cheaply.